What I Need To Play Lacrosse

Here is a list to what you need to play Lacrosse!

Included are links to places where you can purchase these items and options!

The Essentials

Your every day items


We practice in cold, hot, wet, and on grass, gym, or turf.

Cleats are essential for the grass.   (See cleats for specifics)  These should be brought to every practice and game.

Shorts and pants, shirt and sweatshirt (water repelling jacket), headwarmer, gloves (see specifics), etc.  

The clothes that would be comfortable for St. Louis weather, indoors or outdoors.  It changes often.  Think ahead and come prepared.


Lacrosse cleats - soft cleats, no metal spikes.  They are similar to football cleats.  Most stores have lacrosse specific cleats now.  High ankle are good for support - there is a lot of lateral movement in lacrosse.  Low ankle is also available.  

  Buy online or 

In person: Dick's Sporting Goods & Academy sports  

Nike, New Balance, and Under Armour all make Lacrosse specific cleats in different price ranges.

Tennis Shoes -  Running specific shoes are best.

Examples of different styles below.  Pick the cleat that best suits your needs.


You can not practice/play without a mouth guard.   It is essential for not only your teeth but in case of impact for concussions.  There are many styles and price ranges.  They are moldable to your mouth with hot water.   THEY MUST NOT BE WHITE and can not have anything protruding from the mouth.  (no straps)

Here is a recommended mouthguard that most players choose because its easy to talk through it and comfortable in their mouth:


Goggles are another must for practice / games.  Its recommended you try them on and see which style works best for you.   You also have the option of concussion helmets which is recommended for anyone who has previouslt had a concussion.  Concussion are very serious and take time to recover from so having head gear that helps prevent time lost from the season and protects your brain is a win!  Make sure you are purchasing gear for the womens game- it is not the same as the mens.

Can be purchased online or in person.

Dick's Sporting Goods, Academy Sports, Ultimate Lacrosse, Play it Again Sports


This is preference per player.   If you want to try different sticks before purchasing the team is here to help! We always have extra on hand!  

There are specialty sticks, sticks for offensive players, defensive players etc.  But ultimately its how it feels to you.  Girls/ Womens Lacrosse - the sticks are essential the same with minor tweaks.  They are not like the Boys/ Mens who have long poles and short poles + pockets.    Please make sure you are purchasing a girl/womens specific stick.  (see examples)

The best reccomendation I can give to new players is to not buy a beginner stick.  It is very tempting when you are unsure if you want to play but beginner sticks often make it more difficult to pass and catch.  You can always borrow if you are unsure!

Where to buy:

Online - a quick google search can help you find the stick you want.

In person: Dick's Sporting Goods, Ultimate Lacrosse, Academy Sports, Play it Again Sports

Here is a link with some reviews :"Best Womens Lacrosse Stick"

Below is an example of a womens stick.